JWG Foundation Grant Supports Student Success at Stanwood High

The mission of the JWG Foundation is to provide financial resources to support JWG programs enabling students to reach their goals for graduation and work.

The JWG Foundation awarded $1940 to the Stanwood JWG program. The funds were used to help students directly with barrier removal and assistance with obtaining items needed for employment.

How the funds were spent and key student benefits:

  • The funding was able to help 15 students with items such as books, GED testing fees, and work boots.
  • 70 students benefited from the leadership opportunities from our open house and a graduation celebration. We held a fashion show to showcase our formal lending program, JAGWear. It was very successful with our participants, staff, and SHS students.
  • Three students were given yearbooks to celebrate their accomplishment of reaching graduation. None of those students could afford this.
  • One of our students who had to move away from Stanwood was able to get his GED through assistance from JWG funds. He is researching getting into further training.
  • A student who received help with getting his driver’s license is working full time with benefits in a marine diesel mechanics apprenticeship.
  • Work shoes helped a student with his first job at McDonalds, he is now working full time in a meat packing apprenticeship.
  • Work boots and socks helped four students who obtained full time work. One student wore his boots at graduation from Alternative school. He was proud!
  • All of those students are still employed at jobs with good futures.
  • Funds have helped with purchasing needed text books (rentals) and a computer program so a young mother can graduate in June through Running Start online courses as well has SHS courses.
  • A student who has made up much credit through online and credit retrieval was able to access his last course needed for graduation. This student comes from a family in economic need but who are very supportive of their son.
  • A homeless student was able to get her WA State ID card.

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