Donors make a difference in our students’ lives

Thanks to our generous supporters, JWG students from Mt. Tahoma High School were able to attend the JWG Career Development Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge, receive bus passes to get to new jobs and purchase interview and work clothing. Here is what they had to say about JWG and the impact of their JWG specialist, Chris Sieg.

Mechela: If it wasn’t for JWG I would not have graduated, have a job, or have a place to live or even be in this state. JWG and my specialist got me back in the state and found a homeless shelter for me to live in. He also helped me graduate and then get a job at Anthony’s restaurant as a hostess. There is so much I can write about my experiences with JWG and my specialist, who was always there for me. I received transportation, food and clothes. My specialist stored and moved my belongings and even helped me find a place to live. I am a high school graduate all because of JWG!

Maria: My specialist helped me get a paid internship with CFM Consulting and provided my mom with gas cards so she could take me to work. I started out at $9.50 and hour part-time working after school. I received a raise to $10.00 an hour. JWG and my specialist helped me with interviewing and how to be successful at work. I was hired full-time for the summer and now I’m making $12.50 an hour and am in charge of four interns. I earned high school credit through this job and will keep it through my senior year.

Marquise: I graduated this June and am scheduled to enter the Marine Corps in September. I have never spoke in front of a group of people or nor have I ever been to a place like the Great Wolf Lodge. My biggest fear was to publically speak and I was not going to compete because of my fear. I went to the completion and decided to compete in public speaking at the last minute. I won a silver medal. During my time with JWG I was an expected father to be. I received a lot of support from my JWG specialist. I graduated and I am now a proud father of a daughter named Karen.

Vitaliy: I have never been outside of Tacoma for a vacation or a field trip like the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a chance for me to dress up and compete against my peers. I was able to perform well enough to win a silver medal. My specialist prepared me for the conference and also prepared me to become employable this summer. I received a job with the City of Tacoma through the Summer Jobs 253 program. I’m looking to stay employed through my senior year.

Erika: Being pregnant in high school is difficult. Going to the Great Wolf Lodge was a great experience. JWG and my specialist was very supportive and I learned a lot from the time we spent together. I graduated and had my baby. I am planning to go back to work at Safeway and continue my education at Tacoma Community College. My specialist was also my worksite learning coordinator and the credit I earned helped me graduate.

ADM Cares about Student Success


Archer Daniels Midland Company recently donated $25,000 to Jobs for Washington’s Graduates (JWG). The donation will go toward improving graduation and employment rates for low-income and disadvantaged students enrolled in the JWG program statewide. Funds will be used to purchase computers; items needed for employment such as interview clothing and bus passes; and pay for college and career-related field trips providing experiences outside the classroom that build the foundation for success after graduation.

”ADM’s partnership is critical for the success of our students. This generous donation will open doors for hundreds of youth that otherwise face limited opportunities,” said Kim Browne, Executive Director of Jobs for Washington’s Graduates.

Jobs for Washington’s Graduates is a drop-out prevention and workforce readiness program that helps at-risk youth overcome barriers, enabling them to graduate from high school and successfully transition to post-secondary education and quality entry-level jobs. JWG students receive intensive career and job readiness preparation, leadership development, school-to-work transition services, academic remediation, and college placement services, including ongoing support for a full year after leaving school.

Initially rolled-out in 16 Washington schools in 2010, Jobs for Washington’s Graduates has expanded to 44 schools serving 1,200 students in 28 school districts.

The donation was given through ADM Cares. ADM Cares is a social investment program that directs funds to initiatives and organizations that drive meaningful social, economic and environmental progress worldwide. The program comprises three distinct focus areas: supporting the responsible development of agriculture, improving the quality of life in ADM communities and fostering employee giving and volunteer activities.

Media Contact:
Kim Browne
Executive Director
Jobs for Washington’s Graduates