Student Testimonies

“This is the class that helped me graduate and get back on track.  And now I know how to do things that are job related that I didn’t know before.  Also, now I know what I want to do in my future for my career.”  J.S., Class of 2014, Graduate

“I would say that my time in this class or program has really helped me a lot.  I know that I may not have done so well throughout my high school career, but without this class and Ms. Reynolds making me stay on task, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have right now, and honestly I probably would have dropped out if she didn’t help me pass my classes and make sure that I wasn’t failing and that I was doing my assignments.”  T.B.  Class of 2015

I think that it is a good investment as it shows students new skills that no other class offers.  It also helps you keep yourself on track and focus on what you need to get done.  Skills like how to get a job and what to do at an interview will benefit you in the future.” D.M. Class of 2015

“I would tell them (donors) that this class helps you in so many ways because it is a smaller setting and you can focus better.  It helped me turn in papers on time multiple times, the teacher actually cares about us and wants us to pass and she is always willing to lend a helping hand even when she has to go out of her own way, she does it.”  A.G.  Class of 2015

“I would tell the state that if it weren’t for this class, I probably would have dropped out by now because I would never have time to talk with the counselor or get work done without this class.  It’s a good idea!  It really helps less fortunate kids with school as well as the ones who have a hard time due to grades or other trouble.”  C.S.  Class of 2015

JWG is a great program and this year I really enjoyed going to the Great Wolf Lodge (State Conference).  This year I learned so many new skills in things such as job interviews, how to write checks, thought more about if I wanted to go to college, learned new communication skills, and found new things that interested me.”  E.G. Class of 2015

“I would say this program has helped me.  It provided me with valuable life skills, showed me a lot of important facts about life, and helped me grow.”  A.H., Class of 2014, Graduate

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